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Saturday, November 25, 2017


Solapur University, Solapur
S.E. (Computer Science & Engineering)



Teaching Scheme Examination Scheme
Lectures– 3 Hours/week, 3 Credits
Practical – 2 Hour/week, 1 Credits

ESE – 70Marks
ISE – 30Marks
ICA - 25 Marks

Section -1

Unit-1 : IP Protocol (7HRS)
Internet Protocol: Introduction, IP Datagram, fragmentation, Addressing: Physical, Logical, Port & Application Specific Addresses. Introduction to IPv4 Addresses: Classful addressing, Classless addressing, Special addresses, NAT

Unit-2 : Transport Layer (7HRS)
UDP: Introduction, User Datagram, UDP Services, UDP Applications.

TCP: TCP Services, TCP Features, Segment, A TCP Connection, State Transition Diagram, Window in TCP, Flow Control, Error Control, Congestion Control, TCP Timers.

SCTP: Introduction, SCTP Services, SCTP Features, Packet Format

Unit-3 : Client Server Model and Socket Interface (6HRS)
Client Server Paradigm: Server, Client, Concurrency, Concurrency in Clients, Concurrency in Servers, Socket, Byte Ordering Functions. Socket System Calls, Connectionless Iterative Server,
UDP Client Server Programs, and Connection-oriented Concurrent Server.


Unit 4: Host Configuration & Domain Name System (6HRS)
Host Configuration: BOOTP Operation, Packet format, DHCP: Introduction, DHCP Operation and Configuration.

Domain Name System: Need for DNS, Name Space, DNS in the Internet, Resolution, DNS Messages, Types of Records.

Unit 5 : Remote Login and TELNET (6HRS)
TELNET Concept, Time-Sharing Environment, Network Virtual Terminal, Embedding, Options, Symmetry, Sub option Negotiation, Controlling the Server, Out-of-Band Signalling, Escape Character, Mode of Operation, User Interface.

SSH: Components, Port Forwarding, Format of SSH Packets.

Unit 6 : File Transfer and Electronic Mail (6HRS)
FTP: Introduction, control & data connections, Communication over data and control connection, Command Processing

TFTP: Messages, Connection, Data Transfer, UDP Ports, TFTP Applications.

Electronic Mail: Architecture, User Agent, Message TransferAgent, SMTP, Message Access Agent: POP and IMAP

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