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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Internet Protocol : Introduction

The Internet Protocol (IP) is the transmission mechanism used by the TCP/IP protocols at the network layer. The Following figure  shows the position of IP in the suite.

  • IP is an unreliable and connection-less datagram protocol—a best-effort delivery service. 
  • The term best-effort means that IP packets can be corrupted, lost, arrive out of order, or delayed and may create congestion for the network.
  • IP is paired with a reliable protocol such as TCP to achieve reliability service.
  • IP is also a connectionless protocol for a packet switching network that uses the
  • datagram approach 
  • The datagram is handled independently and each datagram can follow a different route to the destination. that is datagrams sent by the same source to the same destination could arrive out of
  • order. Also, some could be lost or corrupted during transmission. IP relies on a higher-level protocol to take care of all these problems.

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