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Sunday, January 28, 2018

NAT (Network address translation)

NAT (Network address translation)

A technology that can provide the mapping between the private and universal addresses.

The Network address translation (NAT) technology allows a site to use a set of private addresses for internal communication and a set of global Internet addresses for communication with the rest of the world. 

Address Translation

All of the outgoing packet go through the NAT router, which replaces the source address in the packet with global NAT address. 

All incoming packets also pass through the NAT router, which replaces the destination address in the packet with appropriate private address. 

Translation Table 

The trnslation table has five columns, that include the source and destination port addresses and the transport layer protocol. 

When the response from HTTP comes back, the combination of source address and destination port address defines the private network host to which the response should be directed. 


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